Terms and conditions

As of 03.05.18


From AlzinaLiving SL (lessor)

General rental agreement, terms and conditions.


Rental Object

According to the tenants confirmed booking contract.


  1. Definition: The total contract amount = Rent + deposit+ cleaning (180 EUR).
  2. 20% of the total contract amount must be paid within 7 days of booking.
  3. Remaining 80% of total contract amount must be paid no later than 45 days before rental period start date.
  4. IF booking is made within 45 days before start of rental period, 100% of the total contract amount shall be paid in ONE (1) payment asap. payments encumbering on the tenant
  5. Deposit: 500 EUR. Deposit is meant to cover possible damages/loss on the rented object and/or equipment belonging to the lessor caused by the tenant, or other outstanding claims Alzina Living may have on the tenant. The tenant will receive the deposit asap after the inspection of the object after the stay.


All payments payable to the lessor`s account in Banco Santander:

IBAN ES16 0049 0289 79 2610092398


Country: Spain

Recipient: AlzinaLiving SL, Carrer de Can Anglada 9, Palma Mallorca, Spain.

Booking is not confirmed until the first amount is paid.



By cancellation the lessor has the right to retain the amount paid under the time-limits as mentioned above. Deposit paid will be refunded.

The cancellation must be received in writing by mail to info@alzinaliving.com

If the landlord does not receive written notice within the time limits, the % of the total contract amount paid under the time limits minus deposit will be retained.


Eco-tax for Balearic Islands 2018

The Agència tributaria – Illes Balears, (The Tax agency of the Balearic Islands); have decided to impose higher levels of ECO-tax (in some respects mentioned as “Tourist-tax”), from the high season of 2018. The ECO-tax is meant to be paid directly by visiting tourists and collected by the accommodation provider for the sole purpose of redistribution back to the Govern Illes Balears

The first and most important purpose is the protection, preservation and recovery of the environment. This means, for example, improving protected natural parks and strengthening the conservation of natural ecosystems and native fauna and flora.

For further information regarding the ECO-tax scheme please visit the following weblink:


The following rates applies for guests of Alzina Living, and the sum corresponding to the composition of your group is to be paid to the Alzina Living location team before checking out of the villa.

High season: from May 1 to October 31
– Stays shorter than 9 days: € 2 per day, per person
– Stays of 9 or more days: from the ninth day 1 € per day, per person

Low season: from November 1 to April 30
– Stays less than 9 days: 0.50 € per day, per person
– Stays of 9 or more days: from the ninth day € 0.25 per day, per person

Note: children under 16 years of age do not pay taxes.


The lessor is not responsible for any client’s negligent acts, omissions or defaults of any kind. The same applies to damages, loss, theft, expenses or other inconvenience caused to people, assets or property during stay. We therefore advise you to establish your own sufficient travel insurance on behalf of yourself, your group and your personal belongings in good advance of your stay.


The tenant agrees to keep the property and all fixtures, furniture, equipment and other contents in or on the property in the same condition as at the commencement of rental. Damage to any of these items during the rental period must be reported to the landlord (within 48 hours) by mail or telephone. The tenant is expected to repair or replace the damages before the lease expires if it is possible, if not, the deposit will be used.

Other fixtures and supplies

The villa is equipped with crockery, cutlery, kitchenware, bed linens and towels for normal use. You will also find sufficient supplies, like toilet paper and cleaning equipment for everyday household to get your stay started. If you run out of supplies during the rental period, the tenant is responsible for buying in re-supplies for daily use.

Electricity and water

Electricity and water costs are included in the rent. Guests should not leave AC units on when you are away from the property / their respective rooms. If AC units are switched on in common areas, one should not leave doors / windows open.


All Alzina Livings villas are equipped with one or more pools. Some of the pools can also be heated – they are not by default heated and they can neither be operated by the guests to such extent that one can abruptly choose to heat the pool. Heating of the pools, that have this trait available, is due to seasonal variations in guest requirements in some instances subject to an extra cost. Be sure to contact the location manager in due time if you wish to experience a heated pool during your stay.


The villa shall be handed over by the tenant in a clean and representative condition. This means that trash is emptied and thrown in garbage containers, the kitchen`s surfaces are cleaned, and that washing is completed – dishwasher should be emptied.

Smoking and pets

It is illegal to smoke indoors in rooms or common areas. Smoking is allowed outside on terraces and other outdoor common areas, here you will find ashtrays.

Pets are not allowed.

Check in / Check-Out

Check-in is normally after noon at 16:00 (4:00 p.m.)

Checkout is normally before 11:00 (11:00 a.m)

We will try to be accommodating with early check-in and late check-out as far as possible, but due to the need for changes to our cleaning scheme an extra cost of 150 EUR may apply. Arrange this well in advance with our location manager.

Technical installations

The tenant cannot make claims against the landlord/lessor if short and unforeseen interruptions or technical problems occur on installations such as; Air-condition, dishwasher, washer, dryer, refrigerator / freezer, television or other technical / electrical items in the villa. Tenants are responsible to inform the landlord as soon as possible so that repair or replacement can be performed. Same goes for plumbing problems. We strive to have such problems solved within 24 hours

Possible grounds for termination of tenancy and right to inspect the property by the landlord. Noise, noise levels, music etc. Tenants responsibility for NON-paying guests.

Music and noise should be kept to a minimum from 23:00. Substantiated and/or repeated and verified complaints from neighbours and neighbourhood, regardless time of day, gives the landlord grounds to consider termination of the tenancy, and may do so without further notice. Remember and respect that there are many residents in the area.

The tenant cannot have overnight guests without notifying the Alzina Living location team. This due the security regulations imposed on all accomodation providers to keep record of all guests staying at their facilities. Additional guests during stay must pay the applicable rate for their duration of the stay.

The Tenant is not allowed to have planned or sudden gatherings (shorter stays than 24 hours), day or night time in the property with non-paying guests without notifying the Alzina Living location team. Especially groups of additional non-paying guests and mix of paying tenants and not complying with noise level regulations will make grounds for eviction of the non-paying guests without further notice and termination of tenancy.

Violation of any of these formentioned terms will make grounds for possible termination of the tenancy without further notice. In such case the tenant must leave the property as soon as practically possible.

NB. Any fines & indirect cost of sanctions imposed on Alzina Living from the authorities, due to the tenants negligence of the above mentioned rules and terms, will fully be charged the tenant.

NB. The lessor – and by appointment The Alzina Living Location Team, and other security personell autorized by the lessor, is by capacity to follow up the forementioned rules and terms, free to enter the the property at any time. At the same time they are at liberty to employ the possible sanctions mentioned under this main point and the subsequent paragraphs.

3.rd party viewing during the lease period

We ask for understanding from our tenants, that with at least 6 hours’ notice, the house can be shown to prospective new customers for a short view (no more than 10-15 min). If this absolutely does not fit in with the tenants’ plans for the day we will pay attention to it. The landlord/lessor will notify the tenant as soon as possible if such a view is requested.

Adaptations for children

We will be able to provide a cot and high chair if desired. Give notice about this when you book.

Remotes and keys:

We will give you a remote control and a master key to open the gate and doors. Keys are to be returned at check-out.

Ironing board and iron

You will find ironing board and iron in the laundry room.


Please do not use the white towels at the beach / pool – they are for indoor use.

We will provide guests with their own beach towels.


Is available in the villa. The password is written in the guest book.


Our guests can freely use the property`s fireplace (s) if the property is equipped with this. Ignition briquettes are available.

Drinking water

Tap water is drinkable, but we recommend bottled water. We recommend our guests to only use tap water for cooking and personal hygiene.

Additional services & events organizing within the properties etc.

  1. Additional services – Contracted partners

The guests can order/book additional services from our contracted partners. This for example to deliver services/goods to the villa. Enquire about this when you book and you will be provided with details of our prepared concept. The Villa can then be equipped with basic groceries and food & beverage supplies for your stay. By agreement our contracted partners can also prepare meals and organize different activities based on your request. Contact the location team and they will be of your assistance. This entire set-up is based on our extended experience and should be sufficient to serve any type of request within reasonable boundaries.

  1. Other & additional services from NON-contracted partners

Alzina Living shall be contacted before any involvement of 3.rd parties when the use of that respective 3.rd party requires the party to enter the property. Alzina Living reserves the right to refuse 3.rd parties access to our properties without further grounds. Neither can any guest enter into a contract with a 3.rd party service provider delivering services/goods to the villa from the outside, when the delivery in conclusion ends up making extended use of the properties infrastructure and fixtures, without initially referring them to Alzina Living.



Booking of property will be deemed as an acceptance of these terms.


Enjoy your stay at Alzina Living!