AlzinaTraining – Training tour in Palma!

AlzinaLiving invites you on a cool training experience.
“Come as a tourist – live as a local”

You live in Your own villa with pool in the middle of the city of Palma.
An authentic neighborhood within walking distance to the center of Palma. At the same time it is quiet as the countryside.


Palma and the villa sets the framework for the training program – short way to Frank’s gym with boot-camp and crossfit.

Lingering long trip in the hills around Palma starting from the villa, overlooking Palma and the sea waiting on top.
Strength Workouts and yoga, will be arranged on the rooftop terrace where the air is clear and the sky is blue.

October is the best training month in Mallorca, temperatures average is of 18 degrees in the shade, and 25 degrees in the sun, and there is 20 degrees in the water.

AlzinaLiving combines exercise and wellness. The villa has been created for you to enjoy. Your host Gabriel is present and makes sure everything works.

We prepare homemade breakfast every day. Our Spanish chef Carlos making dinner based on local traditions.
You will have a private wine cellar with Mallorcan vine of the best quality.

You will find tranquility – you do not have all the compromises, and get a rare combination of city, village-feeling, service and training.
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